The topic everyone loves to hate talking about. Ex boyfriends are sometimes like leaches in which you sometimes can’t get them off of you or when you can, You sometimes cant stop thinking about them. Yes, we have all been through it. Whether it be, crazy ex boyfriends to clingy ex boyfriends to cheating ex boyfriends and even to boring ex boyfriends..WE’VE ALL BEEN THROUGH IT. One thing I couldn’t help but notice about ex boyfriends is the fact that no matter what you go through, good or bad, there will always be memories that you can’t erase. I’m almost sure every girl, including myself, have dealt with/are dealing with an ex boyfriend right now. So in three words I will share with you a little secret. JUST FUCKING STOP.

They are EX boyfriends for a reason. There’s a reason it never worked out! Yeah sometimes break ups are a huge mistake but if you guys are not back together then find another guy.  When you start talking to your ex again, it reintroduces old feelings for either a brief time or a long time and then you start remembering when you first met, when you guys first had sex, when your dad caught him sneaking into your bedroom etc.. You’re now in a slump because you don’t know whether or not you should try to make things work again or if you should just forget about it as a whole. Ex boyfriends are a thing of the past and if your intentions are more or less to rekindle your relationship, by all means do as you please.

Rekindling a relationship with your ex is like taking a nice, hot, steamy shower and getting out feeling refreshed ONLY to put the same dirty pair of underwear back on. Ex’s are not meant to rinse and repeat. As cliche as is sounds there are far too many people in the world for you to re date those you once had a connection with.

Ex’s can be fun if you’re looking for a fuck buddy when ever you’re feeling lonely or if you need someone to text through out the day to make you feel special but other than that what else are they good for? I’m not saying that every single relationship restarted with an ex ends up bad, but if it ended bad the first time don’t expect things to be entirely different the next time. Things just don’t happen that way.

Before you decide to start talking to an ex again. THINK. Think about if all you need is just sex late at night. Think about if all you need is someone to make you feel special. Think about if all you need is a christmas gift or someone to kiss at midnight on new years eve. Think about if whether or not you’re not getting the guy you want and now you just need to get back with being comfortable. NOW THINK. Is this absolutely, Positively, 100 percent what you want? Well you’ll never know because who is ever sure of anything these days.


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