So I bet everyone is excited that a new semester at college has approached. Most of you excited to start your classes while others like me are excited to check out potential hot guys who can be your Aaron Samuels for math class because lets get one thing straight, math is not my thing. Here’s some tips to get you along this semester..


Yeah now I know what you’re thinking…I wish I could just eat anything I want and not gain a single pound. Well don’t we all.  But things don’t work that way. Get your ass to the gym at least 3 times out of the week, because lets be real, all of that binge drinking you’re doing is not making you any skinnier and who doesn’t want to look good in a really tight dress?! Yeah, I know we all have things we’re doing through out the day, but it only takes 30 minutes to work up a sweat so that you’re not wishing you had a different body. I can’t stress this enough. I HATE WHEN GIRLS COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR BODY BUT AREN’T WILLING TO PUT IT THROUGH HELL TO GET TO THE BODY THEY WANT!!!! So stop complaining and make it happen. Oh and ladies just one more word of advice: If your hair and makeup still look nice, you’re NOT doing it right.


This is a given. Now granted, everyone isn’t an awesome, partying, fun, binge drinking girl like myself but so what. You have classes 4-5 days a week, why not take two days off to get out and have fun with your friends. You don’t HAVE to party, but don’t stay stuck in your room studying Friday and Saturday  Get out and about. Hit up an on campus event, have sex with a guy you like, go to the movies, do yoga I don’t care just do something to get your mind off of things and most of all have fun while you’re at it.


Yes, college students are most known for drinking and partying. But this is not a damn 4 year vacation. You’re actually paying to be here, paying for a good education, paying to hopefully not flip burgers at McDonalds after you graduate.  Get your shit together if it isn’t already. Although a 4.0 is nice, you don’t have to achieve it but having an attractive GPA does open the doors for much more opportunities after you graduate! So yeah, go out and have fun but also remember that you must work hard in order to play hard! Good luck and may the exam/test curve be in your favor.


QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Is having a lot of friends still an actual thing? If so, you should probably still be in high school. There are a ton of people in college so that you don’t need to stick around fake friends. Look around you and decide if the people you call friends are your actual friend. If they talk shit with you, they’ll probably talk shit on you. You don’t need to surround yourself with people who are bringing you down. 1 real friend is so much better than a bunch of fake friends. Choose wisely!Image 




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